In 2002, was created as a reunion page for SAIS Jeddah graduates as they spread out to colleges and universities around the world. Beginning with the "where are they now" updates and photos kindly offered by many of the 50 graduates of the Class of 2000, quickly grew to include updates on over 700 former students and teachers from classes as far back as 1952 - when the school first opened as the Parent's Cooperative School - to current graduates of the newly named American International School of Jeddah.

It's been a pleasure to run this website that has connected hundreds of alumni and brought back memories of Saudia City, the school campuses, the sports tournaments, the concerts, the desert trips -- and most importantly, the lasting friendships. Every now and then there is news to share: a reunion invitation, an update on AISJ, news from fellow alumni - anything that is relevant will be shown on the News Page. Don't hesitate to let us know if there is something you want to share on this page.

With the advent of Facebook and LinkedIn, it makes much more sense to allow people to connect and share information through such social networking websites that allow for more privacy and individual control. To be kept up to date on the latest news from our school, we suggest visiting AISJ Alumni, Faculty & Parent Facebook page, or to find an old friend, check out these Facebook groups: Jeddah NCS/PCS School Friends, American International School of Jeddah (AISJ), Parents Cooperative School and former students of NCS & SCS...

Thank you all very much for contributing to this website through the years - with your messages, your photos, your support. Still at if you have a query and hope to see you at the next SAIS Jeddah reunion!

PLEASE SEND YOUR QUERIES TO AISJ DIRECTLY often receives e-mails meant for the American International School of Jeddah. Please note that this website is run by former students of AISJ who will not be able to assist in any way.

Please instead submit your CVs, employment and school placement queries to AISJ at You can find all the AISJ contact details at this link: American International School of Jeddah: Contact Us.